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Activity-based costing (ABC) is a cost accounting system that assigns costs to processes, products, and other business activities based on the actual amount of resources used by each Rather than assigning an arbitrary percentage of overhead costs to each element of the organization, ABC assigns actual direct costs and indirect costs in proportion to the usage of resources by those activities. At its core, the concept of ABC is straightforward. By accurately determining the costs of activities, products, and services, it ensures that all necessary costs are taken into account when pricing and budgeting for a business. As such, ABC helps ensure that resources are used more efficiently and effectively, and that each element of the business is run in a way that maximizes profits. Examples of Activity-Based Costing 1. Manufacturing: Manufacturing is the most common example of where ABC is used. In this context, ABC can be used to accurately determine the cost of a product or process. For example, ABC can be used to calculate the cost of producing a specific type of product by taking into account the cost of raw materials, labor, overhead costs, and other associated costs. 2. Customer Support: Customer support can also benefit from the use of ABC. By computing the number of customer inquiries, the cost of training staff, the cost of equipment, and other costs associated with customer support, ABC can accurately estimate the cost of providing customer service. 3. Software Development: Software development is another area where ABC can be used. By calculating the cost of developing software, ABC can ensure that each stage of the software development process is appropriately budgeted for. 4. Research and Development: Research and development projects can also benefit from ABC. By accurately computing the cost of research and development activities, ABC can help ensure that these activities are properly accounted for in the budget. 5. Marketing: Finally, ABC can be used to accurately determine the cost of a marketing campaign. By taking into account the cost of advertising, materials, personnel, and other associated costs, ABC can help ensure that marketing campaigns are properly budgeted for. In conclusion, Activity-Based Costing can be a powerful tool for companies looking to accurately determine the cost of activities, products, and services. By taking into account the actual usage of resources, ABC can help ensure that resources are used more effectively and efficiently and that budgets and pricing decisions are based on accurate data.