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Subjective Experience and Object of Reality

Category: Essay , Epistemology
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A Critique of Fredric Jameson's Paralysis of the Political Imagination in the Face of Postmodernism

View Essay Sample 4918 words7 pages

An Essay on the Limits of Post Modern Theory by Frederick James

Category: Philosophy , Essay
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A Literary Analysis of The Seeds of Time

Category: English , Essay
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The Ideologies of Theory in The Seeds of Time by Fredric Jameson

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Hume and Kant on Free Will

Category: Philosophy , Essay
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A Discussion the Relationship Between Culture and Power in Bourdieus' Work

Category: Sociology , Essay
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An Analysis of Iroquois Indians: World Views And Stereotypes

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The World Views and Stereotypes of the Iroquois Indians

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Isyu Sa Wikang Filipino

Category: Essay , Philippines
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Order Versus Individual Freedom

Category: Essay , Freedom
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Philosophy of the Mind

Category: Philosophy , Essay , Mind
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Jung Model by Young Woon Ko

Category: Essay , Mind
View Essay Sample 4968 words18 pages

Chinese Literature

Category: Essay , Literature , Confucianism
View Essay Sample 5374 words19 pages

Confucian Philosophy

Category: Philosophy , Essay , Confucius
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John Locke and Immanuel Kant

Category: Philosophy , Essay , Literature
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John Locke and Immanuel Kant

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Expression Case Digest

View Essay Sample 4436 words16 pages

Alice in Wonderland

View Essay Sample 1679 words6 pages

The Animal as Liberating “Self”

Category: Essay , Literature , Life
View Essay Sample 973 words3 pages

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