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Applying Between the Flags Phases is an organized system of marine search and rescue operations, designed to keep people safe when travelling by water This system involves the Coast Guard and other marine safety organizations, who work together to create a safe environment around flags and buoys. These flags indicate where it is safe to travel and can also help alert rescuers to potential danger in the area. The Applying Between the Flags Phases system is used around the world and is essential to saving lives. It is most commonly used in waters that are known to have dangerous currents, rips, and rocks. By alerting boaters to potential danger and providing a safe zone to travel through, rescuers are better able to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently. Examples of Applying Between the Flags Phases systems include: 1. The American Yacht Club (AYC) system. The AYC system uses a combination of kites and flags to indicate which areas are safe for boaters. The kites act as a visual warning to boaters, and the flags indicate the boundaries of safe travel. 2. The Australian National Search and Rescue Co-ordinator (NSRC) system. This system uses a combination of floating buoys and radar to monitor the seascape for potential hazards. It also uses a combination of warnings and sign-posts to alert boaters to danger. 3. The Canadian Maritime Search and Rescue Association (MSSRA) system. This system focuses on training rescue personnel and providing public education to encourage people to use the Applying Between The Flags system. 4. The UK Coastguard's Applying Between the Flags system. This system uses shore-based and offshore buoys to indicate safe areas, as well as a variety of sign-posts and warning signs. 5. The New Zealand Maritime Safety Authority's Applying Between the Flags system. This system uses a combination of buoys, flags and signs to mark safe areas. It also uses a GPS-based search and rescue system to help speed up response times for rescue personnel. Overall, Applying Between the Flags Phases is an important part of ocean safety. By setting up a system of flags and buoys, rescuers are able to quickly identify where potential hazards are located, and boaters can easily identify where it is safe to travel. This system is used around the world, and by incorporating it properly, it can save many lives.