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Architectural criticism is the evaluation, appraisal and discourse of the built environment It is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses a range of social sciences and humanities, including history, engineering, literature, sociology, psychology, art, film, and anthropology It is by nature a critical and interpretive process, involving the assessment of a structure, its materials, and how it functions in its environment, as well as its cultural, aesthetic, and historical meaning. The best examples of architectural criticism essay topics are: 1. The Impact of Globalization on Architecture: This essay would explore how globalization has created a homogenized aesthetic, as well as its effects on local building styles, communities and culture. 2. Landmarks, Monuments and Icons: This essay would consider famous sites within a city or country, from historical to contemporary, and the cultural understandings they embody and represent. 3. The Role of Technology in the Design of the Built Environment: This essay would explore the positive and negative effects of advances in technology on architecture, and the influence of the digital age on the way we design and build environments. 4. Gender and the Built Environment: This essay would look at how gender is represented in the built environment and the impact this has on our experience of it. 5. Sustainable Design: This essay would look at the principles of sustainability and their influence on the design and construction of buildings, and how green architecture can shape the future of our cities.