Architectural Criticism: Assignment Examples

A Biography of Henry Hobson Richardson, a Prominent American Architect

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An Overview of the Architectural Work by Frank Lloyd Wright

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The Immense Change in the World of Architecture During the Eighteenth Century, The Glorious Revolution

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How Can a House Be Built Out of Metal Studs

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An Introduction to the Wellingtons Central Business District (CBD) Hypothesis

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The Importance of Determining Project Estimates in Construction Management

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An Examination of the Electrical Designs Recommended by Triangular House Project to the Client

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The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China

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An Overview of Mechanical Smoke Ventilation and How It Works

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The Reality of Architecture and Why It is a Male-Dominated Field Throughout History and in the Modern World

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A Review of H.M. Scott Smith's "The Historical Houses of Prince Edward Island"

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Gothicism in Architecture in the Work of Abbot Sugar

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A Overview of the Ancient Egyptian Treasure, The Great Sphinx

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How to Design a Safe and Enjoyable Cat Shelter

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A Discussion on Current Issues in Construction Engineering

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The Most Important Factors and Phases to Be Considered During the Construction of a Monument

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The Importance of Considering the Individual/Event Memorialized in a Monument and the Materials and Methods Used for Its Construction

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A Report on My Interest in the Architectural Design and Concept of Sustainability of the Bank of America Tower

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How Everyday Architecture Can Affect People's Perception in Architecture, Spaces and Social Order

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The Complexity of the Use of Beams in the Building Structure

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