Architecture and Urbanism: Assignment Examples

A Building That Houses the Word of God

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An Analysis of Boston's Urban Renewal in "The Urban Villagers" by Herbert Gans

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An Introduction to Architecture and Urbanism through the Swiss Architect Le Carbusier

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An Overview of the Place of the Church in the Middle Ages

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Albuquerque Boast of the Newly Constructed Red River Hotel and Conference Center

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A Description of How to Build a Model City

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An Overview of the Childhood Life of Frank Lloyd Wright

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A Biography of Frank Lloyd Wright an Architect

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A Biography of Frank Lloyd Wright an Architect of the 19th and 20th Centuries

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The Influence of the Classical Style on Modern Structures

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The History and Issues of Public Transportation

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An Analysis of the Term World Cities by Patrick Geddes

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An Analysis of the City of Miami and the Effort for the Architecture by George Hernandez

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The Benefits of Rezoning in New Salem, Massachusetts

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An Overview of the Architecture in Binghamton and the Famous Binghamton Courthouse

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A History of the Growth of China's Metropolises

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The Development of the Tent Cities as Discussed in the Article "Camping for Their Lives"

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The City of Detroit on the Way to Rise After the Fallout

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The Creativity Within the Vacant Lots of Detroit

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Tech Commercialization: The Concept of New Urbanism and Bus Rapid Transit

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