Comparative Politics: Assignment Examples

An Analysis and a Comparison of Absolute and New Monarchs

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The Difference between Political Theory and Political Ideology

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An Annotated Bibliography on Ahmad Sukarno, the First President of Indonesia and Emmeline Pankhurst, the British Leader of the Suffragette Movement

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A Comparison Between Political Theory and Scientific Theory

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A Comparison Between the Platforms of George Bush and Al Gore

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An Introduction to the Comparative Politics as an Important Aspect of Political Science

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A Comparison of Government Systems between Canada and China

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A Comparison of the Two Governor Seat Candidates of Texas, George Bush and Al Gore

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A Comparison of the Lives of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

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A Comparison of Japan and Russia in Differing Executive Powers

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The Difference Between Gore and Bush Regarding Foreign Relations with China

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THe Differences Between Gideon and Wainright Regarding the Sixth Amendment of the U.S Constitution

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The Power Struggles Between Europe and the United States Before and After World War II

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A Comparison of the Political Systems of South Africa and the United States

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A Comparison of Communism in China and Russia

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The Benefits of a Monarchy According to Cicero

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The Argument of Aristotle on Politics

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A Comparison of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

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A Comparison of the Ideologies of George Washington and Benedict Arnold

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A Comparison of the Federalist and Democratic Republicans

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