Education Policy: Assignment Examples

An Argument Against the Honor Code Implemented at Schools

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The School Closing Policy Should Be Reviewed and Amended

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An Overview of the Differences Between the Educational System of United States and That of Japan

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The Controversy in the Right to Have Prayer in American Public Schools

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A Review of the Regulation Prop.16 in Colleges

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An Introduction to the Debate over the Use of School Vouchers

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A Look at the Issues Surrounding Introduction of Religion in Public Schools

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The Debate About the Controversies Surrounding Drug Testing in School Systems

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A Debate as to Whether the Education Reform Movement Is Complete or Not

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The Need to Get Rid of Teachers Negativity Towards Standardized Tests in Schools

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An Introduction to the Student Rights in the Public School System

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Sex Education Should Be Readily Taught in Schools

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The Strict Rules About Drinking and Smoking in School

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The Education System Differs From One Country to Another

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An Analysis of Schlesngr's Canon Vs. My High School's Canon

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A Personal Ranting About Religion in Education

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An Argument in Favor of Dress Codes in Public Schools

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An Overview of O'Neill's Debate on Education

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A Look at the Reasons for the Decline in Education System

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An Argument That Americans Take Their Education for Granted

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