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An Introduction to the Romanesque and Gothic Sytle of Cathedeal in the Middle Ages

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The Greek Architecture in the Modern Society

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A Comparison of the Greek and Roman Architecture

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An Analysis of the Greek Architecture and Orders

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The Domination of the Gothic Style in Western Europe Architecture for Over Four Hundred Years

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A History of the Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame

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An Introduction to the History of Architecture in the Ancient Rome

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An Introduction to the Work by Frank Lloyd Wright

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Stonehenge Structure May Have Served as Ancient Calendar

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The History and Architectural Masterpieces of the Construction of Medieval Cathedrals

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A Description of the Work of the Architect

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The Influence of Etruscans on the Roman Architecture

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A History of Pantheon a Roman Building

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Architecture of the Renaissance Reflects the Earlier Works of the Roman Civilizations

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An Analysis and History of the Ancient Roman Architecture

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English Architecture during Medieval Times

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Examples of the Influence of the Classical Style on Modern Architecture in the United States

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Characteristics of Tracery in Gothic Architecture

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The Ways that the Greek Architecture Influenced the Roman Architecture

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The Characteristics of the Gothic Style of Architecture: Stained Glass Windows, Rib Vaults, and Flying Buttresses

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