History of Medicine: Assignment Examples

An Analysis of Pierre Louis's Contributions to the Medical Profession

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An Introduction to the Issue of the Plague in Europe

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The Application of the Hippocratic Oath and Kevorkian in Medicine

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Pestilence Finished off the Ancient Cities of Rome and Athens

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The Objectives and Impact of the Field of Medicine on Our Lives

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The Proliferation of Disease

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Poor Health and Hygienic Conditions Takes Death Toll in Civil War

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A Discussion of the Reasons Why Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell Was a Hero

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A History of the Proliferation of Diseases and Plagues

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The Evolution of the Medical Field After the Civil War in America

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The Influence of Medieval Medicine on Modern Medicine

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An Overview of the Potential Anthrax Vaccination for the United States Troops and a Brief History of the Bacteria

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The Epidemic of Yellow Fever Virus That Hit Memphis in 1878

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A Biography of the Life and Family of John Henry Holliday

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A Biography of the First Female Physician in America, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

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A Literary Analysis of James Cassedy's Medicine in America

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The Life and Achievements of Dr. Ross Tilley, a Man Helping Patients with Burns

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Jonas Salk Announces Discovery of Polio Vaccine

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The Contributions of the Native Americans to the Advancement of Health and Medicine Discovered in Nali, Africa

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A Look at Common Clinical Syndromes Associated with Combat Duties

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