History of Psychology: Assignment Examples

A History and Overview of the Science of Psychology

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Abraham Maslow - Biography and Theory

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A Comparison of Physical and Psychological Addictions

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A Biography of Jean Piaget, a Renown Professor

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A Good Side of Perseverance and the Psychology Behind it for Sucess

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A Comparison Between Emotional Focused Couple Therapy Theory and Structural Family Therapy Theory

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Different Theories of Psychology by Galton

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The Evolution of the Field of Psychology Throughout History

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An Evaluation of the Success of Psychology and Its Extent

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The Concept and the Evolution of Psychology and Its Integration with Faith

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The Debate About Nature vs. Nurture - One of the Most Fascinating Debates in Psychology

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The Role of Women in the Study of Psychology

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Resilience in Overcoming Physical and Emotional Trauma: Examples of Melba Patillo and Malala Yousafzai

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A Study of Factors That Influence Fear by Susan Mineka and Arne Ohman

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The Human Pursuit of Happiness

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A Report on the Contributions of Freud, Piaget, Erikson, Pavlov, Skinner, and Maslow to the Field of Psychology

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A History of the Study of Psychology During the Elizabethan Times

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