Political Economy: Assignment Examples

How Brexit Affects the UK

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The Role of Government in the Gains in the Technology of Pharmaceutical Drugs

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A Literary Analysis of the Prince and His Discourses by Machiavelli

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The Problem of the Hidden Interests of Political Aspect of Government in the Modern Society

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An Analysis of the Budgetary Process

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A Critical Analysis of the World Bank's and IMF's Influence on World's Poorest Countries

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The Many Changes in the Process of Farming in the Europe

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A Summary of Bill O'Reilley's Reports on Josh Earnest and on the Stem Express Company

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The Development of Civil Society in Ghana, South Africa and Uganda

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A History of Federalism and Poverty in the United States

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The Many Criteria over the past Few Centuries That Measured Once's Political Clouts and Influence

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The Role of Political Parties in the United States

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An Analysis of Cuba's Attempt at Reintegration into Global Economy and the Obstacles It Faces

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A Discussion on the Campaign Finance System

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A Discussion of the Deregulation of the Electrical Industry

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An Introduction to the Negative and Positive Role of the Government in Business in Our History

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Laissez-Faire Policy

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A Discussion of the Goal of Governmental Financial Reporting

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Stephen Gill's View on Civilization, Eco-Humanism and Neo-Liberalism

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An Introduction to the Key to Successful Foreign Policy: The Cuban Embargo

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