Social Psychology: Assignment Examples

The Personal, Cultural, and Historical Effects of Trauma and the Trauma Theory According to Cathy Caruth

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A Social Psychology Study to Observe the Decision Making Process of Whether to Take the SAT or the ACT Exam

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A Critical Evaluation of the Cognitive Theory of Stereotypical

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The Psychological and Social Impacts of Acquaintance Rape on the Victim

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The Concept of Santa Claus and Its Effects on Children

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The Concepts of Social Psychology in the Film Unthinkable: Overconfidence Barrier, Actor Observer Effect, Self-Promotion, Conformity, and Superordinate Goals

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The Two Sides of Anger, The Healthy and Unhealthy Parts

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How to Deal With Aggression in the Society

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A Biography of Erik Erikson

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A Comment on the Theory of Socialization Process by Erik H. Erikson

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An Introduction to the Changes During Puberty

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The Causes and Effects of Stress On Individuals In the Work Environment

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An Evaluation of Persuasion in the New Age

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An Analysis of the Aggression as Very Difficult To Define

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An Overview of the Causes and Manifestation of Psychopathy

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A Comparison of Loving Sex: Women vs Men

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Coping With Work Related Stress in America

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Effective Stress Management Can Lead to a Better Life

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An Analysis of the Causal Attribution Model in Social Cognition

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The Evolution as a Controversial Topic in the Human Society

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