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An Introduction to the Life of Christopher Columbus Mariner

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Whether Catherine Is Worthy of the Title 'Great' in the Battle of the Monarchs

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The History of Child Labor and the Modern Efforts Made to Abolish It

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An Analysis of the War Necessity in the World

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People's Knowledge for Basic Survival During the Paleoithic Culture

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A Review of the History Book Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

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The Spread of Culture, Materials, Religion and Violence in Life Along the Silk Road by Susan Whitfield

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The Correlation of Religion and Violence in the Historical Events, the Crusades and the Thirty Years' War

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The Affect of the Two World Wars on the Political Evolution of Europe

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The Importance of the Powerful Men, Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Genesis of El Salvador's Problems in 1930s

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An Introduction to the History of Confucianism in China

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An Analysis of Most of the Civilization Studies So Far in Western Civilization

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An Introduction to the History and the Origins of Liberalism

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Voodoo Death and the Mechanism for Dispatch of the Dying in East Arnhem Australia

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A Description of the Book About the Blowback From the Afghan Against the USSR

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An Introduction of Communism and the Roots of Marxism

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An Introduction to the Sexism and Hatered of Women as the Cause for Witch Hunts

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An Analysis of the Rwandan Genocide

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The Changing Relationships of the Superpowers During the Cold War

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