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Egocentrism: The Epicenter of Fuzzy Ethics

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Dereming Interesting Essay Topic Ideas is a database of over 6,500 essay topics and ideas to help students find a topic that fits their interests The topics are divided into broad subjects, such as technology, health, business, culture, and society, with more specific subjects, such as artificial intelligence, disease prevention, entrepreneurship, and racism, underneath. Each topic page provides the student with the necessary definitions, descriptions, and information to research the topic, and each page has multiple ideas and prompts for the student to further explore. Example 1: How Technologies Have Changed the Face of Business In the last few decades, the business world has seen dramatic changes with the introduction of new technologies that have revolutionized the way companies operate. In this essay, research how the internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain technology have changed the landscape of business. Discuss the positive and negative impacts these products have had on the industry, from increasing productivity to squeezing out those that can’t keep up with the rapid changes. Consider how businesses have adopted new technologies, and examine the potential for the future. Example 2: The Impact of Social Media on Society Social media is one of the most powerful tools for connecting people around the world, but it has also had major implications on society. This essay explores the positive and negative aspects of social media and how it has changed the way we communicate, from fostering relationships to creating a disconnect between people. Research how social media has influenced political campaigns, mental health, youth education, and communication overall. Analyze the impact of the platform on traditional media, and study the power of influencers to spread ideas. Example 3: The Rise of Automation Manufacturing and service jobs have seen an increase in automation, and this trend is projected to continue in the coming decades. This essay addresses what the rise of automation means for the labor force, and how automation affects jobs, wages, and economic inequality. Research how automation has impacted different sectors and analyze the ethics of automation. Consider the implications of automation on workers, and discuss the potential for developing new jobs in the future. Example 4: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of the medical field and is being used to diagnose and treat patients, streamline processes, and research potential treatments. In this essay, investigate how AI is being used in the medical world, from health monitoring systems to robot-assisted surgeries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of AI in healthcare, and assess the implications for doctors and patients. Weigh the potential for improvement with the risks that come with a new technology, and consider the privacy concerns posed by using AI in medical settings. Example 5: How Social Movements are Transforming the Political Landscape The 21st century has been seen a surge in social movements around the world, from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Women’s March. In this essay, research how these movements have changed the way we think about politics, from inspiring increased voter turnout to transforming the political landscape. Examine how social movements can influence policy, discuss the challenges facing social movements, and consider the potential for the future. Analyze how different generations are responding to the movements, and discuss how activists are utilizing technology to spread their messages.