Software engineering: Assignment Examples

Programming Language and Effects

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Influential Factors in Choosing a Programming Language

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A Biography of the Life and Inventions of Thomas Alva Edison

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An Introduction to the Application of Science to Engineering

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The Development of Nuclear Energy and It Importance in the World Today

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An Overview of Ship's Main Engine Lube Oil System

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The Life and Contributions of Rudolph Diesel in the Automotive Industry

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Relationships between Satisfaction with Life

Category: Essay , Development , Life
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Trends and developments in the airline industry

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Explain the Relationship Between, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development

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Use of linear algebra in electrical circuit engineering

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An Overview of the Internal Combustion Engines

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The Description of Simple Machines and Its Uses

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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Nuclear Power Processing Methods

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A Biography of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian Scientist

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The Rise of the Maglev Train

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An Argument in Favor of Johann Gutenberg as The Man of the Millennium

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An Overview of How Guns Work

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Scottish Researchers Broke One of Nature's Greatest Law

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The History of the Majestic Airships

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