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Edward VIII was the King of the United Kingdom from 1936-1936 He was born in June 1894 and is most widely remembered as the King who abdicated his throne in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Edward VIII's abdication caused a constitutional crisis and as a result, his brother George VI took over the throne in his place. Edward VIII is an interesting figure to discuss in an essay due to the unique circumstances of his abdication. Here are five possible essay topics related to Edward VIII and the United Kingdom: 1. The Role of Gender in Edward VIII's Abdication: This essay topic would explore the major issues and themes surrounding Edward VIII's decision to step down as King and marry Mrs. Simpson. It would examine the effects his gender had on his decision and how the British public and government reacted to the news of his impending marriage. 2. The Impact of Edward VIII's Abdication on the Royal Family: This essay topic would explore the changes that occurred within the British royal family after Edward VIII's abdication. It could focus on the impact of the event on the King's siblings and examine any strain it may have put on the monarchy overall. 3. The Impact of Edward VIII's Abdication on British Constitutional Law: This essay topic would look at the legal and constitutional implications of Edward VIII's abdication. It would explore the changes that were made to the British monarchy and how the decision impacted the government of the United Kingdom. 4. Comparing the Reigns of Edward VIII and George VI: This essay topic would compare and contrast the reigns of Edward VIII and his successor, George VI. It would consider the unique challenges they each faced and the ways they coped with the situation differently. 5. Edward VIII's Role in the Rise of Fascism in Europe: This essay topic would examine Edward VIII's role in the rise of fascism in Europe. It would look at the impact his decision had in terms of public opinion on fascism and how different countries, such as Germany and Italy, responded to his abdication. These five topics provide intriguing angles for exploring the life and legacy of Edward VIII. By examining his abdication, his relationship with his brother, and the impact of his decision on European politics, students can create informative and insightful essays about this fascinating historical figure.