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you can think of regarding this topic (each 200-400 words) Ender's Game is a science fiction novel written by the multi-award winning author Orson Scott Card It was first published in 1985 and has since become a modern classic Ender's Game is set in a future world where an alien race known as the Formics have been invading Earth. In order to prepare for this alien invasion, the world’s leaders have created a military program called the International Fleet (I.F.). Through this program, they have developed a new type of soldier, called a Battle Schooler. The chosen children are sent to these special military schools, where they are groomed to be leaders in the I.F. The protagonist of Ender's Game is a young boy named Ender Wiggins. Ender has been selected to be a Battle Schooler and is put through a grueling training program. Along the way, Ender must come to terms with his destiny and face his fears as he fights against the Formics. The novel follows Ender’s journey from a young boy to a leader of a military force. Ender's Game raises questions about the morality of war, the use of technology, and the importance of empathy. This makes it an ideal source for essay topics. Here are five of the best examples of essays about Ender's Game: 1. Morality of War: Ender's Game raises the question of whether it is ever moral to go to war. This type of essay could explore the different ethical considerations at play in the novel, such as the use of child soldiers, and whether they are a necessary evil in order to protect humanity. 2. Responsibility of Leaders: Who is responsible for the decisions made during a war? Is it the leaders themselves or the people they are fighting for? Is it right to sacrifice people to make sure the enemy is defeated? 3. Technology in War: The novel deals with the use of technology in a war. How much should technology be used in a war and is it a deciding factor in the outcome? 4. Empathy: Throughout the novel, Ender must learn to understand his enemy in order to have a chance of defeating them. Can empathy be used for war and, if so, how much? 5. Future of War: In the future, how is war fought? What could the future of war look like and how will it be impacted by technology? How will the morality of war be impacted by advancing technology?