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Cosmetologists Case Study

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An Esthetician instructor is a professional who provides instruction and training in the practice of Esthetics Esthetics are practices related to the care and improvement of skin, hair, and nails of the human body. These professionals specialize in teaching a range of topics such as skin care, makeup, hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, waxing, threading, massage, facial treatments, and other methods of body care. They may also be involved in teaching courses on the science of skin, skin products and treatments, business management for estheticians, and the ethical considerations of the industry. Esthetician instructor topics may include: 1. Cosmetology Fundamentals: The basics of cosmetology and its related disciplines, along with the techniques and tools used. 2. Skin Care and Makeup: Learn about the different types of skin, skin care products, and makeup application techniques. 3. Hair Styling and Hair Cutting: Learn the art of styling and cutting hair, as well as basic tools and techniques. 4. Business Management and Ethics: Studying business operations and the ethical considerations involved in the practice of Esthetics. 5. Diagnosis and Treatment of the Skin: Understand how to diagnose skin conditions and how to treat them properly.