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Deontological ethics

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What is Ethics, Morality, and Religion? Ethics, morality, and religion are related concepts that often get intermingled but can be broken down into three distinct ideas Ethics is a discussion about what is good or bad, right or wrong, and what people should or should not do. Morality is the set of rules that govern people’s conduct, and religion is a set of beliefs and practices based on those rules. There is no single definition of morality or religion, as each culture and religion has its own distinct set of beliefs, but there are common principles among them all. Ethics, morality, and religion play a role in everyday life, from both personal and professional decisions to social issues and public policy. A person's ethical system can shape their life decisions and how they interact with their environment. When ethics, morality, and religion intersect, conflicts can arise, as each system has its own set of rules and principles. Five Examples of Ethical Conflicts Between Morality and Religion 1. Abortion: Abortion is a controversial issue that is often at the heart of ethical debates. While many religious groups consider abortion to be wrong, some moral systems see it as a matter of individual choice. 2. LGBTQ Rights: Moral systems tend to accept sexual orientation and gender identity as a matter of personal preference, while many religions see it as immoral. 3. Death Penalty: The death penalty is a contentious issue among both religious and moral systems. While some see it as an acceptable form of punishment, others view it as a violation of human life. 4. Animal Rights: Some religious and moral systems consider animals to be sentient beings that deserve respect and protection, while others view them as commodities to be used and discarded. 5. Poverty: Poverty is an ethical dilemma that is often at the intersection of religion and morality. While some religions look to alleviate poverty through charity and social programs, others may see it as a matter of natural selection.