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The Criticisms Against Art in Clement Greenberg's Essay "Avant Garde and Kitsch"

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A Critical Analysis of Keagan's A History of Warfare and His View on War and a Comparison to Clausewitz' Evidence

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The Struggle of Learning History in Indians: Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History, an Essay by Jane Tompkins

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A Study on Lawrence Venuti’s Translation Theory

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An Analysis of Pirenne's Thesis on the Medieval Urbanization

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A History of the Internet a Concept That Was Quickly Enacted

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The Emergence of Art in Poetry

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Can feminism be thought of as a theory of law

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The Contribution of Hinderburg to the History of Aircrafts

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A Comparison of the Industrial Revolution between England and France

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The Contributions of the Hindenburg to the History of the Aircraft and Its Investigations

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An Analysis of the Surrealism in the 1920's

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The History and Applications of Social Darwinism in Business Practices

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A History of Cold War

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Parallelism and Power Within Italian Art Historiography and Criticism

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The Distributions and Character of Military Power by Different States Are the Root Causes of War and Peace

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An Introduction to the Modernist Art in Europe in 1910 - 1925 by Robert I. Herbert

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A Reflection on the Article "The Trouble With (the Term) Art" by Carolyn Dean

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The Role of John Keegan During the D-Day Invasion

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A Research on the Classical Gold Standard

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