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Satyagraha is a movement of non-violent civil disobedience that is based on the philosophy of Mohandas Gandhi The term satyagraha is derived from two Sanskrit words, satya (truth) and agraha (holding firmly to). The practice of satyagraha is intended to be used to bring attention to an issue, or to be used as a form of protest. It is intended to be used in lieu of violent or aggressive means to bring about change. The foundation of the practice of satyagraha is based on the principles of ahimsa (non-violence) and satya (truth). The aim of satyagraha is to strive for lasting justice and peace, while also respecting truth and justice at all times. As opposed to engaging in violence, physical force, or other aggressive tactics, the belief is that peaceful means of expression and protest have a greater potential to bring about meaningful change. There are numerous ways in which people can engage in satyagraha. Here are five examples: 1. Holding peaceful protests: Holding protests to draw attention to an issue, such as racial injustice, or the need for climate change action, are a powerful way to express solidarity for a cause. Protests should be peaceful and organized, and should not involve violence or aggression. 2. Gather Signatures: Gathering signatures from others to a petition that calls for a specific action or policy change is another way to engage in satyagraha. 3. Refuse to Comply: Refusing to obey a law or policy that does not align with one’s values or beliefs is another form of satyagraha. This could include civil disobedience, such as refusing to pay taxes in protest of a war or refusing to serve in the military. 4. Boycott Products and Companies: Boycotting products and corporations that are directly associated with an injustice is another form of satyagraha. This could mean boycotting a product that is produced with child labor, or refusing to purchase something until certain changes are made. 5. Writing Letters and Emails: Writing letters, emails, or articles to local and national officials is another way to engage in satyagraha. This could be done to voice a concern, or to call for a specific action to be taken. Engaging in Satyagraha is an effective way to peacefully bring attention to an issue and create change. It should not involve violence or aggression, and instead should be grounded in peaceful methods of expression and protest. The five examples outlined above are some of the many ways in which people can engage in Satyagraha in order to make their voices heard.