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In the Rearview Mirror report is a type of essay used to reflect on a person’s past experiences, usually from a personal point of view It’s an opportunity to look back and consider how a particular event or moment in time has shaped the person’s current outlook and way of living. This type of essay has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people are looking to draw lessons from past experiences and use them to shape a better future. When writing an In the Rearview Mirror report, it is important to be creative and think deeply about the experience. Generally, the essay should begin with an introduction that sets the tone and describes the experience. It should then transition into a narrative, reflecting on the experience itself, followed by a thoughtful analysis of how it has shaped the person’s current view on life. The conclusion should then connect this back to the introduction, providing a sense of resolution. The following five essay topics can provide a great starting point for an In the Rearview Mirror report: 1. The night I learnt to ride a bike: This is the perfect topic for a Rearview Mirror report, as it can capture the sense of accomplishment and freedom that comes with learning a new skill. Reflecting on the experience of learning to ride a bike can be a great way to draw lessons about perseverance and risk-taking. 2. The day I got my first job: Getting a job is a significant milestone that often marks a person’s graduation into adulthood. Reflecting on this experience can provide valuable insight into the development of one’s career trajectory, as well as the importance of hard work and dedication. 3. My first year of college: College is a major milestone in a person’s life, and looking back on the experience can provide a unique and valuable reflection. From making new friends to developing new skills and ideas, college brings a lot of new experiences. 4. Living abroad: Taking the plunge and moving to a new country can bring a lot of challenges and opportunities. Reflecting on the experience of living abroad can provide a great insight into culture and openness to change. 5. An unexpected moment of joy: Everyone has experienced moments of joy that come out of nowhere. Reflecting on these moments can bring a sense of appreciation for the small things in life, as well as a reminder of how we can find joy in unexpected places. These five essay topics can provide an interesting foundation for an In the Rearview Mirror report. By taking the time to look back, reflect, and draw lessons, it is possible to gain invaluable insight into how past experiences have shaped our outlook on life.