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Cubism and Multiplicity of Narration in The Waste Land

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Les fleurs du mal is a book of French poetry, written by Charles Baudelaire during the mid-1800s The title translates to "The Flowers of Evil" and the poems within mostly focus on themes such as mortality, corruption and moral decline, as well as sensuality and the romanticization of sin. Baudelaire's work is credited as being a major influence in the development of modernist literature, and the book is often studied within literary circles for its style and skill. 1. Analyzing the Theme of Mortality Throughout Les Fleurs du Mal 2. The Influence of Symbolism and Imagery in Les Fleurs du Mal 3. The Role of Nature in Les Fleurs du Mal 4. Analyzing the Representation of Romanticized Sin in Les Fleurs du Mal 5. Examining the Representation of Sensuality in Les Fleurs du Mal