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The Different Societal Issues Portrayed in Orange Is the New Black, a Netflix Show

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Piper Chapman is the central character in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” She is a white, middle-class woman from Connecticut, whose peaceful life is disrupted when she is sent to a minimum security prison for a drug-related offense she committed several years prior. In the show, Piper is portrayed as a complex character who is often torn between her old and new lives. She is continually challenged by maintaining her relationships with those inside and outside of the prison while also attempting to keep herself out of trouble in unfamiliar surroundings. Piper is a unique character, and her story presents ample opportunity to explore numerous interesting topics. The following are five examples of interesting essay topics related to Piper and her experiences in prison. 1. Analyzing the transformation of Piper Chapman’s identity throughout the show: Due to the significantly different environment that she is suddenly forced to live in, Piper goes through a process of discovering her identity as a result of her experiences in the prison. Analyzing this transformation of identity by looking at how the other characters and environments of the prison shape who she becomes could be an interesting topic for a paper. 2. Examining how Piper’s privilege affects her experience in prison: As a white, middle-class woman, Piper has a certain level of privilege which affects the way she perceives and interacts with her environment and the other inmates. Exploring how her privilege plays a role in her portrayal in the show and in her interactions with the other inmates could be a great topic for an essay. 3. Comparing and contrasting the contrasting atmosphere of Piper Chapman’s prison with a real-life prison environment: As a fictitious series, Orange is the New Black often utilizes dramatic elements to create a heightened version of prison life. Comparing and contrasting the atmosphere of the show’s prison with a real-life prison environment could make for an interesting essay topic. 4. Analyzing the problem of corruption in prison and its effect on Piper Chapman: Corruption in prison is often a major component in fictional prisons, and Orange is the New Black is no exception. Examining the corrupt officials and inmates in the show and how they affect Piper’s experience in the prison could be a great topic for an essay. 5. Exploring Piper’s relationships with her fellow inmates and how they shape her experience: Piper has numerous complex relationships with her fellow inmates, which can be seen as a reflection of her own character development. Exploring these relationships and how they shape Piper’s experience in prison could make for an interesting essay topic.