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Predatory priests are members of the Catholic clergy who have been accused of—or convicted of—sexual abuse of minors The Catholic Church has had a long history of cases of abuse, although it has taken steps in recent years to address the issue, such as implementing safeguards to protect children and victims and providing a path to transparency in cases of abuse. The Catholic Church has also made efforts to support victims and survivors of abuse through programs such as the Office of Child and Youth Protection, the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat of Child and Youth Protection. 1. The Catholic Church’s History of Abuse: This essay could discuss the prevalence of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, from the earliest known cases of abuse up to the scandals of today. It could explore what has changed over the years, such as the instruments of accountability put in place and the way the Church treats victims and survivors. 2. The Impact of Abuse on Victims and Survivors: This essay could look at the long-term effects of abuse on victims and survivors, both inside and outside the Church. It could consider the ways in which survivors are treated, the support they are offered, and how faith can be a factor in the recovery process. 3. The Church’s Responses to Abuse: This essay could analyze the Catholic Church’s various responses to abuse—and to the scandals that have emerged—and the Church’s efforts to hold perpetrators accountable. It could also examine how the Church has addressed the lack of transparency in cases of abuse and how it has implemented safeguards to prevent abuse. 4. Mental Health and Faith: This essay could explore how victims and survivors of abuse may struggle to reconcile their faith with the trauma of their abuse and the guilt they may feel. It could discuss how faith can be a source of comfort and healing for those who have experienced abuse at the hands of clergy. 5. Predatory Priests and the Media: This essay could ask how the media covers cases of abuse by predatory priests and how it shapes the public’s perception of such cases. It could discuss how the media can both hinder and help public understanding of abuse, and how it can help victims and survivors feel heard and supported.