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Blockbusters and Star Wars

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The connection between the Jedi Order in Star Wars and Christianity

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The story of an archetypal hero in Star Wars

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Star Wars: a New Hope Character Analysis

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Opening sequence of “Star Wars-episode iv, A New Hope”

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A Description of the Thesis on Star Trek and Star Wars Each Posses Similar and Different General Concepts

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A Comparison of George Lucas' Star Wars and Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek

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An Opinion on Star Wars as a Better Concept Than Star Trek

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A Comparison of Socialist Morality in Star Wars and Star Trek

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Contemporary Heros Quest

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A Review of the 1977 Original Star Wars

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The War Play Dilemma

Category: Essay, War, Play
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The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy

Category: Essay, War, Cold War
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A Description of Star Wars as a Modern Day Fairy Tale

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A Review of the Movie "Star Wars"

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An Analysis of Fantasy Themes in the Star Wars Universe in Relation to the Symbolic Convergence Theory by Ernest Bormann

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An Introduction to the Analysis of the Movie Star Wars

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A Comprehensive Analysis of the First Movie in a Series of Star Wars, The Phantom Menace

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An Analysis of the Highest Grossing Movie Star Wars

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Star Wars Seen as a Modern Fairy Tale

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