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Thomas Cook: Marketing Strategy

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Airbnb Marketing Strategy

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Biographies of Oneil and Adele Cannon

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Mission Statement Analysis

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Behavioral Programme Assignment

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Literature review & theoretical framework

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Prime Minister of Vietnam

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Samsung Case Analysis

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The real estate sector

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The Rhetoric of “Yes We Can”

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Tech’s motto is progress and service This motto reflects the university's philosophy that the acquisition of knowledge should be used to develop the individual while simultaneously benefitting society. To live out this motto, students, faculty, and alumni should dedicate themselves to lifelong learning and use the knowledge they gain to better society. The first way one can live out Tech's motto is to stay curious. Curiosity is essential to progress and service, as it encourages individuals to learn new information and inspires them to create innovative solutions. Staying curious means that individuals should remain receptive to new ideas and always question current norms. Additionally, the pursuit of knowledge should be encouraged, and the impact of current knowledge should be examined. Second, one can live out Tech's motto by engaging in volunteer or community service opportunities. For example, Tech's alumni are given the opportunity to serve on civic and charitable projects, allowing them to use their knowledge to benefit their community. Additionally, individuals should consider taking part in activities that can help address social inequalities, such as volunteering with a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Being generous with one’s time and energy can also help to improve a community or society. Third, engaging in creative activities is another way to live out Tech's motto. Being creative can help to ignite progress and create opportunities for service. Creative activities can be anything from writing an essay to designing a new product or painting a picture. Creative activities can also help to stimulate progress, as they can inspire individuals to think outside of the box and be open to new ideas. Fourth, staying informed is key in order to live out Tech's motto. Individuals should strive to stay updated on current events, particularly those related to their field of interest or study. Staying informed can help to provide a broader perspective and foster progress. Additionally, staying informed can also inspire individuals to take action in service by joining or creating initiatives that can help to address current issues. Finally, individuals should strive to build strong relationships in order to live out Tech's motto. Building relationships with those from diverse backgrounds can help to foster progress and can provide the opportunity to serve. Participating in activities that bring people together, such as mentoring or tutoring programs, can create a culture of collaboration and understanding among individuals. In conclusion, Tech’s motto of progress and service can be fulfilled by staying curious, engaging in volunteer or community service opportunities, engaging in creative activities, staying informed, and building strong relationships. These activities allow individuals to make use of the knowledge they have gained while also serving society. Therefore, by living out their motto, students, faculty, and alumni of Tech can create a brighter future.