Theory of Literature essay: Assignment Examples

The Ways in Which Scientific Theory, an Axiomatized Deductive System and a Poem Are Similar

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An Analysis of Different Forms and Definitions of Literature

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A Comparison between Three Critical Philosophies of the Literary Theory: Gender Criticism, Psychoanalytic Criticism, and Feminist Criticism

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The Use of Adaptations in Literature and Media Today

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An Introduction to the Main Forms of Literature

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Vilification, Rhetorical Situation and Metaphorical Devices as the Main Theories of Earl Spencer's Eulogy to Princess Diana

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The Idea of National Literature

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An Emphasis on the Importance of Literature Versus Science

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The Importance of The "Beat Movement" in the History of Literature and American Society

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An Analysis of Social Criticism in Literature

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The Importance of Understanding the Genre of Works of Literature in Communicating the Message

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The Dramatic Shift of Literature Over the Last Century

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The Definition of Literature: The Artistic Use of Words to Express Emotions

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The Value of Literature Among Students

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An Introduction to the Changes of the Catholic Church as Portrayed in the Literature During the Late 14th Century

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Difference and Similarities of 18th Century Literature and Romantic Poems

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Analyzing the Maturity of the Characters from the Works of Literature of Four Well Known Authors

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A Discussion of the Nihilistic Themes and Characters in Literature

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A History of Romanticism in Literature

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An Introduction to the Beat Movements in Modern Literature and the Howl of a Generation

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