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Vladimir Nabokov was a prolific Russian-born American novelist, poet, and playwright who, during his lifetime, wrote over fifty works in all genres He is best known for his innovative novel Lolita, which tells the story of a middle-aged professor, Humbert Humbert, who is obsessed with a young girl, Dolores Haze. His works are renowned for their idiosyncratic and stylistic complexity, irony, and playful use of language. Vladimir Nabokov was also one of the most influential literary thesis-makers of all time, as his works often explored complex philosophical and psychological topics. His works provide significant material for students writing a thesis. Here are five of his most noteworthy works that can be useful for students when writing a thesis: 1. Lolita – Lolita has become a classic in literature since its publication in 1955, with its portrayal of a predatory and obsessive character and its exploration of taboo subjects. It is one of the most studied works in literature and serves as an excellent example of Nabokov’s ability to craft a compelling narrative. 2. Pale Fire – This 1962 work is a complex and brilliant mixture of genres, blending aspects of novel, epic poem, and autobiography. It is often cited as one of Nabokov’s greatest works and offers copious material for a thesis on the art of narrative, symbolism, and modern literature. 3. Ada, or Ardor – This was Nabokov’s last work, published in 1969, and is considered to be one of his most ambitious works. It is a complex exploration of love and morality set in an alternate reality. 4. The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov – This collection of 42 stories was published in 1995, and is an excellent source of material for a thesis on the short story. These stories display the nuances of Nabokov’s writing style and his talent for capturing subtle emotions and states of mind. 5. Pnin – This humorous and tender novel, published in 1957, follows the life of Timofey Pnin, a Russian expatriate teaching at an American college. It is a masterful example of satire and irony and provides insight into Nabokov’s relationship with both his Russian and American worlds. These five works by Vladimir Nabokov are excellent sources of material for students writing a thesis on literature or literary theory. Each work offers a unique insight into Nabokov’s artistry and creativity, and provides a wealth of material for a thesis on his works.