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Pip wants to be a gentleman

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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Why Do You Want to Be Lawyer

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Atmosphere and setting in the 19th century stories

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An Evaluation of Pip, and His Great Expectations

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Dickens a Christmas Carol and Priestley’s

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Dickens’ books

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Great Expectations

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Points for Great Expectations

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Economic/Social transitions in literature

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Scheme of work – Cambridge InternationalA

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Art and Aesthetics

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Final Report on Fsib

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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of this idea Charles Dickens’ works have been studied for centuries in order to understand the deeper meaning in his writing One of the major themes that Dickens focuses on is the business of being human. He believes that the world has become a place of business and that people are treated as commodities, with little regard for the value of their actual life. He wants us to understand the lessons of humanness, such as compassion, empathy, and understanding. Through his works, Dickens seeks to make us understand that life is more than simply a business and that we should not be quick to judge others by their wealth or power. The best examples of this idea can be found in some of his most famous works. In “A Christmas Carol”, Dickens suggests that the importance of family, friends, and kindness outweighs the drive to make money and accumulate wealth. He also highlights how Ebenezer Scrooge’s lack of empathy and compassion for those around him is ultimately his downfall. In “Great Expectations”, Dickens explores how the business of society can often dehumanize those who are lower in class. He shows how Pip is treated as a commodity and how his relationship with Estella illustrates how human emotions are often disregarded in favor of social or business benefits. In “Oliver Twist”, Dickens highlights the injustices that many in the lower classes face. He emphasizes the importance of being an individual and of fighting for one’s rights in a system that views humans as nothing more than commodities. In “A Tale of Two Cities”, Dickens examines the hypocrisy of society and how people can be both powerful and powerless at the same time. He also demonstrates the importance of courage and the ability to stand up for one’s beliefs in the face of overwhelming odds. Finally, in “David Copperfield”, Dickens draws attention to the importance of human folly and how it can bring both joy and pain. He also underscores how difficult it is to measure a person’s true worth and how humans are ultimately more than their occupations. Through his works, Dickens seeks to show us that life is more than just profit and that the business of being human involves more than just money. He wants us to understand how important compassion, empathy, and understanding are in our lives. By highlighting the importance of these values, Dickens reminds us that while the business of being human is complex and often difficult, it is ultimately worthwhile.