Women and Numbers thesis: Assignment Examples

Indigenous Peoples and Tourism

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Fast food and health promotion

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Probing and Using Website Resources

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Affirmative Action in Employing Women and Minorities

Category: Affirmative action
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The Dynamics of Culture, Race, Technology and Power as Reflected in the Movie “District 9”

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Social Class and Straification

Category: Essay , Society , Social class
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Art and Aesthetics

Category: Essay , Art , Critical
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Holocaust and the sufferings

Category: Essay , Holocaust , The Holocaust
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Short Stories by Selected Women Writers

Category: Essay , Literature , Writing
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Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Category: Essay , Cancer
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Independence and Constitutions Practice Assignment

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Link Between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance

Category: Essay , Causality
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Thesis Guideline

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Role of women in politics in Pakistan

Category: Essay , Morality , Politics
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Between Shtetl and Salon: Jewish Women in Vienna 1900

Category: Essay , Zionism
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Polygamy Its Negative Implications and Consequences

Category: Sociology , Essay
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Modern Economics and Its Critics

Category: Economics , Essay
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Violence in America: Guns under Fire

Category: Law and History , Essay , Law , Police
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Pornography and Sexual Violence

Category: Essay , Violence , Pornography
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Between Shtetl and Salon: Jewish Women in Vienna 1900

Category: Essay , Jews
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