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The blue gold thesis is an idea that water resources are becoming increasingly scarce throughout the world and that, as a result, nations have begun to compete for ownership of these resources This thesis has also been termed ‘water wars’ and it has been suggested that wars may be fought over water resources in the distant future. Proponents of this theory suggest that the competition for water resources will occur at both the international and local levels, with some nations forming alliances to prevent others from gaining access to vital resources. As water becomes more scarce, the fight over access to it will become increasingly intense. Five Best Examples of Topics Related to the Blue Gold Thesis: 1. The Potential Risks of Water Wars: Examining the Potential Consequences of Conflict Over Water Resources. 2. Is Water Becoming Increasingly Scarce in the 21st Century? Investigating the Growing Competition for Access to Resources. 3. Exploring the Role of International Institutions in Regulating Access to Water Resources: The Role of International Law. 4. The Impact of Climate Change on Water Security: Examining the Potential for Conflict Over Access to Resources. 5. The Potential of Technological Solutions in Mitigating Water Scarcity: Analyzing the Success of Desalination Plants and Other Solutions.