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An Overview of the Great Wall of China in the History of Chinese People

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Translation of Public Signs

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Are Governments Controlling The Internet

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Lively Art of Writing

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Education System Comparison Between Usa and Latvia

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Ancient Rome

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Prerequisites of a good business plan

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Mattel Toys

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Internship Final Paper

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Biblical Themes in Politcal Discourse

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Theme Park

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Visual Arts And Literature

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Conquering Arayat

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Chinese architecture is a style of architecture that has developed over the centuries, from the Neolithic Period up to the present It is characterized by asymmetrical and often highly ornate structures, as well as colorful decorations and complex calligraphy. Through the years, it has evolved and taken influences from many different cultures, and it is highly symbolic, with each detail having a deep, traditional meaning. Chinese architecture is dominated by the use of wood and tile, and is sometimes seen as a representation of the yin and yang concept, which is the idea of balancing opposing elements. In Chinese architecture, this concept manifests itself in the use of tall buildings and large open spaces, with tall buildings representing the yang and open spaces representing the yin. The emphasis on the use of wood and tile also reflects the traditional Chinese philosophy of balancing the elements. Here are five topic ideas for essays on Chinese architecture: 1. The Interplay of Yin and Yang in Chinese Architecture: Explore the concept of yin and yang in Chinese architecture, and its representations in various structures. 2. The Influence of Buddhism on Chinese Architecture: Discuss how Buddhism influenced Chinese architecture, and its influence on the different styles of architecture. 3. Traditional Chinese Roofs: Examine the traditional Chinese roof styles, and how these designs evolved over the centuries. 4. The Meaning Behind Chinese Architecture: Examine how Chinese architecture is used to represent certain values and beliefs, and explore how these values have evolved over time. 5. The Use of Color in Chinese Architecture: Explore the use of color in Chinese architecture, and how it has been used to represent certain values and meanings.