Algebra: Assignment Examples

A Review of Math Assumptions by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Sherri Martinie

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The Difference in Math Learning and Aptitude Between Boys and Girls

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A Description of the History Often Tracing Back To Primary Sources

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Education Research: How Will Interactive Journals Improve Math Skills for Second-Grade Students?

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Methods,Tools and Techniques for Teaching Algebra

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Teaching Mathematics: Scope and Sequence and the Importance of Problem-Solving Based Learning

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A Classroom Observation Report: Tools and Techniques Used During a Math Lesson

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An Overview and Discussion of Discrete Mathematics Taught in Academic Institutions in the Article, Teaching Discrete Mathematics in Grades 7-12 by James Maltas and Beverly Rich

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An Excercise to Help a Student to Understand Geometry Better

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A Math Presentation on Angles

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The Use of Textual Evidence in Classrooms

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Simplifying Expressions

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An Analysis of Recognizing and Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation by Lashaway-Bonka

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The Implementation of JUMP Math and Role in Education Improvement in the Curriculum of Native American Students

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A Reflection on Scientific Practices: Constructing Explanations, Mathematics and Computational Thinking

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Literacy Strategies Should Be Utilized for Easy Understanding of Mathematics

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The Different Factors That Contribute to Effective Teaching

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An Argument in Favor of Removing Science and Mathematics in Eighth Grade

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Use of linear algebra in electrical circuit engineering

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Why Algebra Is Important in the Real World

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