Politics and the English Language poster: Assignment Examples

The Power of Language

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English Should be Declared the Official Language

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Language as a Powerful Mind Control Weapon

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Why is teaching culture important in the ESL classroom

Category: Language , Essay , Culture
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Scheme of work – Cambridge InternationalA

Category: Language , Essay , Literature
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The Significance of the Elements of Political Protest in 1984 by George Orwell

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In Latin and other languages, Fluxus literally means flow and change

Category: Language , Essay , Art
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Filipino Slang Words

Category: Language , Essay , Slang
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A Literary Analysis of Boys Don't Cry

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The representation of men in The Jeremy Kyle show and The Maury Show

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George Orwell 1984

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Art and Aesthetics

Category: Essay , Art , Critical
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The War Between the Classes

Category: Essay , War , Color
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Ethic in Advertising

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College Research Task

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Verbal and nonverbal communication

Category: Communication , Essay , Writing
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Media Manipulation and Its Economic Impact on Undeveloped Countries

Category: Essay , Uganda
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Native Americans in the United States and African Americans

Category: Essay , United States , Africa
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Employment Rights and Responsibilities

Category: Essay , Human , Employment
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