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Obama’s Education Promise, a Rhetorical Analysis

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Intertextual Analysis of Rhetorical Devices in Advertising

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Art and Aesthetics

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Scheme of work – Cambridge InternationalA

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Parents should spend more time with their children

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Stace & Dunphy

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Curriculum Guide

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The Colourhouse

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The Influence Of Mass Media On Society

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Rhetorical strategies posters are a great way to engage students in analyzing rhetoric and writing These posters are designed to introduce key rhetorical strategies to students, offer examples, and allow students to practice applying those strategies to their own writing. The five best examples of Rhetorical strategies posters are: 1) Logos: This poster focuses on the logical appeal to an argument. It examines how logos affects an audience’s perception of the argument and provides examples of how logos can be used effectively in an essay. 2) Pathos: This poster explores the emotional appeal of an argument. It covers topics such as how to use pathos to create a stronger essay, and the different emotions that can be used to reach an audience. 3) Ethos: This poster looks at how to use ethical appeal to support an argument in an essay. It examines the use of credibility, character, and reliability to establish the trust of an audience. 4) Repetition: This poster examines the importance of repeating key concepts to reinforce an argument. It offers examples of how to use repetition effectively and how to avoid using it too much. 5) Imagery: This poster looks at the use of descriptive language to create vivid scenes that readers can easily imagine. It includes examples of how to effectively use imagery to support an argument.