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Sonny's Blues is a short story by American author James Baldwin, first published in 1957 It tells the story of two brothers, Sonny and the narrator, and the difficulties they face navigating the world of poverty, addiction, and race within mid-1950s Harlem. When Sonny is arrested for heroin possession and sent to prison, his brother is left with the task of understanding his brother’s life and helping him find redemption through music. The story is a powerful meditation on the human experience and its ability to withstand hardship. Essay topic ideas: 1. An analysis of the relationship between the two brothers in “Sonny's Blues” and how it evolves throughout the story. 2. An exploration of the themes of poverty, addiction and racism in “Sonny's Blues” and how they contribute to the story’s message. 3. An examination of music and its significance in “Sonny's Blues” as a source of hope and redemption. 4. An evaluation of the role of religion in “Sonny's Blues” and how it contributes to the story’s theme of human suffering. 5. A comparison of “Sonny's Blues” to other works of literature which address similar issues of poverty, addiction and racism.