Theories of Teaching and Learning homework: Assignment Examples

A Discussion on Alfie Kohn's Views on AP Courses as Well as His Philosophy Associated With no Grading and no Homework

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The Process of Response to Intervention, a Support for Students With Behavioral and Learning Needs

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A Description of How Important Learning Different Varieties of Theories in Teaching

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Homework Should Be Extra Credit

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The Corruption of English Students as a Consequence of Using the Internet for Shirking Homework

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Teaching and Learning Policy

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Teaching, planning and learning

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Video Games Should Be Utilized by Teachers to Promote Learning

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The Impact of Culture in the Learning Process

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The Use of Positive and Negative Reinforcements in Latent Learning and Observational Learning

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An Analysis of the Existenialism, a Teaching Philosophie

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Human Relations and Communications: Theories Present in Education Today

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Student Diversity and Classroom Management

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Equality and Diversity

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Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners in Education and Training

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Positive Learning

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Education is Key to Accomplishing Goals in Life

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Customized Learning Theory

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Learning Outcome

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Analyzing Mr. Keating’s Teaching Concept in Dead Poets Society from Progressivism

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