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Assisted suicide is the intentional termination of one’s own life, with the assistance of another person, usually a doctor Generally, this refers to a voluntary decision made by a competent individual struggling with an incurable or terminal condition, and wishing to die with dignity. Assisted suicide is an ethically complex and legally polarizing topic that is surrounded by a wealth of competing arguments. As such, it makes an excellent subject for an essay. The five best examples of assisted suicide essay topics are as follows: 1. The Ethical Argument for Assisted Suicide: This essay will explore the ethical considerations surrounding assisted suicide and analyze the range of arguments for and against it. 2. Exploring the Physician’s Role in Assisted Suicide: This essay will look at the moral, legal, and financial implications of allowing physicians to participate in assisted suicide. 3. An Analysis of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Canada: This essay will examine the history of Canada’s assisted suicide laws and the current state of the debate in the country. 4. The Impact of Assisted Suicide on End-of-Life Care: This essay will assess the impact of legalized assisted suicide on patients, healthcare professionals, and the larger healthcare system. 5. Assessing the Impact of Assisted Suicide on Society: This essay will analyze the social, economic, and political consequences of legalizing assisted suicide.