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A suicide memo is an expressive written piece of work that a person may complete in order to make sense of their own emotions and thoughts related to suicide and depression It is an opportunity for people to articulate their own struggles and issues in a safe and private space without fear of judgement or stigma. The act of writing a suicide memo is not necessarily a suicidal act. It is a way to process and reflect on feelings, and can be used as a tool for self-reflection, to take a step back, and to gain insight into one’s own mental and emotional state. When writing a suicide memo, it is important to approach the task from a non-judgmental and open-minded standpoint. It should not be seen as an essay, but rather as a way of expressing thoughts and feelings in a positive, organized manner. The following are five great examples of topics related to suicide memos that can be explored in more depth: 1. The Impact of Self-Reflection: Reflecting on the impact of self-reflection when writing a suicide memo. How does it help people to process feelings? 2. The Relationship Between Mental Illness and Suicidal Ideation: Investigating the connection between mental illness and suicidal ideation, and how this connects to the writing of suicide memos. 3. The Power of Writing: Exploring how writing can be used as a tool to make sense of suicidal feelings. 4. The Healing Power of Journaling: Examining the healing power of journaling and its impact on people experiencing suicidal thoughts. 5. The Role of Support Networks: Investigating the role of support networks and how they can be used to help people going through a suicidal crisis.