Best History and theory presentation Topic Ideas

The History and Characteristics of Clowns, a Type of Comic Performers

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The Truthfulness of History and What the Best Way Is for That Truth to Be Attained

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The Genesis, History and Impact of the Conservative Movement

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Enlightenment and the Present Day Conflict

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A History of the 1800's to 1900's Old West Arts' Influences

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An Introduction to the Relationship of the Artist's Culture and Their Portrayal of the Human Body

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An Introduction and an Analysis of the Portrayal of the Human Body in Art Throughout the Years

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An Introduction and an Analysis of the Term Neo-Expressionism

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A Study of Hrosvitha's View on Roman Conversion to Christianity and the Impact of the Play Gallicanus

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An Introduction to Impressionism and Cubism in Art

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The Difference of Main Recall Between Pictures and Words When Presented on a Background or No Background

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An Overview of the Actions by Sarah Osborne in Salem Witch Trials in History and Literature

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A Short Examination of the Great Ages in Human History

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A History of the Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame

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The Depiction of Power in Art History

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An Analysis of Purpose of History and Study of Historians

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An Analysis of Theoretical Positions and Writings in the Histories and Theories of Western Architecture

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The History of Writing in Mesopotamia and Egypt

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A Comparison of Antigone and the Greek "Goat Songs"

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A History and Culture of the Vikings

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