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Conscious and Unconscious Plagiarization in The Ecstasy of Influence by Lethem

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Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov that tells the story of a middle-aged man’s obsessive and forbidden love affair with 12-year-old Dolores Haze, nicknamed Lolita Since its publication in 1955, the novel has been the subject of much critical and literary analysis. Lolita thesis statements explore the controversial themes presented in the novel, as well as the ways in which Nabokov has developed character, setting, language, and narrative structure. The five best examples of Lolita thesis topics are as follows: 1) An analysis of power dynamics in Lolita and how they shape the characters’ actions and decisions. 2) An exploration of the themes of seduction and infatuation in Lolita and the implications for society. 3) An examination of the ways that Nabokov uses language to create tone and atmosphere in Lolita. 4) An analysis of the role of narrative structure in Lolita and how it reflects the themes of the novel. 5) An exploration of how Lolita can be seen as a response to the social conventions of 1950s America.